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Wonky Windows

Fun fact: New York City boasts 25% of the oldest large rental buildings in the United

States and over 37,000 historic landmark properties. They ooze charm, have an air of

mystery are often highly coveted apartments. They also often come with very wonky

windows. These are subtle off-kilter situations caused by buildings settling over time,

causing window frames to sag and become uneven and isn’t obvious until installing

window treatments.

We recently helped a client with this very problem. He and his partner live in an

apartment in a building that dates to 1929, with windows that face east. “We had old

solar shades that were getting tired and ratty,” he explained. “The window shape wasn’t

a perfect rectangle, so the shades never fit properly. They would roll up unevenly, and

fray on the edges.”

Over the almost century since the building debuted, it settled. Our client’s bank of

windows was off-kilter – each one was at a different height, and none were level with

the ceiling. “Being a graphic designer, it made me crazy. They always looked janky,” he

admitted, adding “the minimalist look wasn’t right for the age and style of our building.

While he would have never considered Roman shades, we helped him understand how

they would address his issues. They’re elegant but not stuffy, let in just the right amount

of light, and perfectly accentuate both the windows and the couple’s mid-century style

furniture. But the coup de grâce are the valances that were custom made in different

sizes, and ultimately give the illusion that the windows are perfectly aligned.

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